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Sailing holidays in Greece

Greece and Athens are the ideal country for tourists who prefer to spend their holidays on a boat or a cruise ship. Due to its location and natural beauty, Greece offers some of the most excellent cruises and sailing services in the world. Sailing provides a unique opportunity to access an infinite number of secluded beaches, coasts, coves and Greek islands, inaccessible by other means.

During the summer months, the weather is ideal for sailing in Greek waters and relaxing on deck, although it would be wise to find out about the weather in the area you are traveling to. Greece has one of the largest cruise ship fleets in the world, and Greek shipping companies offer a wide range of different sailing routes, and therefore cater to all tastes. Travelers can enjoy day trips or cruises on the long-haul luxury ferry.

You can decide to take a short cruise by boat or by your own boat, to the Saronic islands, which are the closest to the area of Athens. Otherwise, you may want to take a longer cruise through the crystal clear waters of the Cyclades Sea or the picturesque East Aegean Islands.

Explore the beauties of the Ionian waters or take a trip to the Dodecanese or the Sporades. Arrange a sailing adventure in Crete and reveal its hidden treasures. Many cruises also include destinations such as Turkey, the Black Sea region, Cyprus, Israel or Egypt. Other destinations are Malta and Italy. The options are endless.

Sailing and yachting has recently become one of the most popular ways to discover Greece. Many travellers plan for a few days during their vacation to navigate the Greek seas and relax under the clear sun and clear blue sky. The tourist demand has made sailing a competitive and well-organized aspect of the Greek tourism sector.

Attica is full of marinas and ports, which offer advanced and efficient yachting services and information.